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Hathaway Farm & Corn Maze

HATHAWAY FARM & CORN MAZE is now OPEN FOR THE SEASON!! Our brand new HUGE 12 Acre Corn Maze is entitled "I've Got the Music In Me" & you'll be tapping your toes as you are trying to solve the Maze & find all the Punches this year thanks to our new SOUND SYSTEM! We've got a total of 4 BRIDGES this year to give you views up & over the corn & one of those is a 4-WAY BRIDGE so you have lots of options for which way to go. The MINI MAZE has some all new features to ensure your toddlers will have a great time in the much smaller maze. The OK CORRAL is our play area where there is something for everyone & don't forget to visit all the animals in our LIVESTOCK BARN. On the weekends we'll have the GRILL fired up & the WAGON RIDES going, so pack up the car with family & friends & come on up & see us! We'll have ya LOST...LAUGHIN'...& LOVIN' IT!!!


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So, What’s New on the Farm?

All the animals are ready to see you in the Livestock Barn. We have a couple of new Miniature Donkeys named Amy & Miss Fascination! They are both super friendly & get along well with Henry & Louise (who turned 42 yrs old this year!). We are really excited because both Amy & Miss F MAY be pregnant!!! They were exposed to a Jack for a month & 1/2 so we'll see next spring if we have any baby donks! We alsostill have our Flemish Giant bunnies who tip the scales at just over 20 lbs. Little Weasie Bunny just celebrated her 14th birthday this year along with Grandma Hen (a Rhode Island Red chicken).........the race is STILL on between those two :). Flossie, who is now a yearling Hereford heifer, was born a twin, but her mom would not accept her. Her mom is a great mom to Flossie's twin sister, but because she would not except Flossie, we had to hand raise her with a bottle & she is living in the Livestock Barn. We will be artificially inseminating her in November in hopes she'll have her 1st calf in August & we'll have them both in the Livestock Barn! Then there is Harry & David.......our once "little" pigs who are growing rapidly every day! They are a tamworth/old spots cross (both heritage breeds) & are doing great!

We offer our all natural beef & our maple syrup for sale year round both here at the Farm 7 days a week & also at the Vermont Farmer's Market here in downtown Rutland every Saturday. We sell our beef by the individual cut, by the side or as a whole beef & it is all cryovac packed & frozen fresh. We continue to offer CSA Membership's allowing you to buy an assortment of our beef once a month & SAVE. As a CSA Member you also receive discounts on all our maple products. Click here for more beef details...

Well those are some of the latest things going on here right now. When you get a minute, be sure to check out our blog:  http://hathawayfarm.blogspot.com