What’s Happening Today

Well, a typical day on the farm so far…….. Woke up to no hot water in the shower! An element burned out in our hot water heater & tripped the breaker. One more thing to do today! We had 2 new little calves born late last night, a heifer & a bull. Moms & babies are doing fine. The watch continues in ernest on Emma the pig & when she will farrow (have her babies). She could have them anytime now. Today is day 111. Making a new cover for our water reservoir today. We discovered a little chip in the one we have now & we want to be sure to keep our water supply clean & safe so wanted to get it done right away. The sheep got sheared the other day & I’m still getting use to seeing them shorn! When I figure out how to add pics & video to this blogging thing, I will!

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