Visit the Livestock Barn

Our Livestock Barn is a great place to introduce children of all ages to farm animals & teach them a little about each breed & farming in general. We have several different farm animals in our Livestock Barn including a very friendly cow named Flossie, donkeys, sheep, a goat, bunnies, pot belly pigs, guinea pigs & a variety of chickens.

For school groups, if you’d like an actual presentation on farm animals or the type of farming practices we use here to correlate with what you might be studying in school, just let us know. We can usually accommodate whatever topic & age group you have. We particularly like to stress the significance of heritage breeds for today’s agriculture as well as the importance of locally grown foods. Depending on the ages of your group members, we can give a Farm Tour where we talk about each of the types of animals we have & what they are used for.

We have HATHAWAY’S HENS, OUR SINGING CHICKEN SHOW!!! These little chickens put on a couple different shows throughout the day in the Livestock Barn where they sing & have interactive activities with the kids. Great Fun!! You can give a try at our Milking Cow Contest too & take some pictures with our “dairy cows” that are the background to the milking cow.