Lazy days on the farm.

We are just changing our beef program around this summer & are going back to a small cow/calf operation with our Hereford cattle. The herefords are known for their grazing ability, tender flavorful beef & even temperaments. We have some wonderful cows in our herd & now that we have downsized & consolidated, we are artificially breeding again with some top bulls in the Hereford breed. We will be selling the calves as feeders at about 7 months old when they are weaned from their moms so we won’t be offering beef for sale for too much longer.

elmoWe have been raising beef since we went out of the dairy business in 1986. We began with a cow/calf operation then after several years began “finishing” them & marketing them for retail. We are now switching back to the cow/calf program to help simplify our lives a bit!

We pride ourselves on the fact that we grow happy, healthy beef animals in a very humane environment.