Animal Update

Well, my now 3 1/2 year old red Australian Cattle Dog, or red heeler as they are commonly called, named MATILDA is going strong. You probably won’t see her when you visit the farm because she really isn’t comfortable with all the visitors being here & honestly, she likes to spend the day sleeping on the couch! She helps me every day with chores though & goes for a long run with the 4 wheeler morning & night. She is very good help herding the donkeys, sheep & Flossie when she needs to. They know when she means business & they get right to the barn with no argument!

SHELDON, our barn/house cat is doing really well. She pretty much lives in the house now & goes out in the evenings to the barn, but if you see her down at the barn, say Hi & give her a friendly pat. She loves the attention!

PETUNIA & PENELOPE are 3 year old Pot Belly Pigs. They are both black but Petunia is smaller & has some white on her. They are so darn cute & friendly & they are letting everyone pet them! They have an outside pen as well as inside pen so if they aren’t in one place you can see them in the other. They love to be petted as well.

FLOSSIE COW is in the barn again this year. She is 7 years old now & doing very well. She is the most tolerant cow, standing quietly for pictures with babies up through grandparents! She loves to be petted & sometimes will even give ya a friendly lick!! She is due to calve in August & we are REALLY hoping for a heifer calf…..a girl. She has only ever had bull calves, but I think this is her year for a heifer!

We have had some losses in our Livestock Barn since last years maze season, all due to old age. Lizzie, one of our Pygmy Goats, passed away last fall at the end of maze season. She lived a long, fun life meeting lots of people every year, but we miss her. We also lost our old donkey Henry this year just a couple weeks before maze season began. He was about 42 years old & had been having trouble with loose front teeth & being able to chew. He was the best donkey & we loved him very much. Along with Amy & Fannie, his donkey friends, we miss him dearly. Clovis was one of my flock foundation ewes. She was my favorite for sure. She was 13 years old so she lived a good long time for a sheep with no health issues. All but 2 of my remaining sheep are descendants of hers. She was special & we miss her every day.

AMY & FANNIE are the Miniature Sicilian Donkeys. They are so sweet & lovable! They are just teenagers so hopefully they will have many years ahead of them.

The OLDE ENGLISH BABYDOLL SOUTHDOWN SHEEP are doing well. They did not enjoy the hot & humid temperatures we have had this summer, but they are fat & happy & enjoy seeing all the visitors, although they don’t usually like to be petted.

LOUIE, the Pygmy goat, is still going strong. He is now a senior citizen being 11 years old, but he is happy & looking forward to seeing all our visitors again this year!!

Our GUINEA PIG population is all females!! 8 to be exact at last count. They all get along well & survived their time in the “piggy pool” in the farmhouse this winter in a spare bedroom!!

We still have HANNAH BANANA, the big Flemish Giant bunny, MOPSY, the little Holland Lop bunny & ROGER RABBIT the Satin breed bunny. They are very happy hopping around their pens & getting lots of attention!

Our flock of CHICKENS are busy pecking & clucking & laying eggs all day! They enjoy listening to the Singing Chicken Show! We have several different breeds so it is fun to see them all together doing their chicken thing!! They do like to molt this time of year so some are losing their feathers, but should have their new ones all in place for when colder weather hits. We are not good chicken farmers so our chickens are pretty old & don’t lay as well as they use to……but if they don’t bug us, they get to live out their natural lives here. They are happy we are not good chicken farmers!




Brubber Cat loves lots of attention!