Animal Update

Well, my 2 1/2 year old red Australian Cattle Dog, or red heeler as they are commonly called, named MATILDA is still a handful, but she is beginning to moderate (if you want to call it that) her energy!! If you see her when you visit just say Hi & be on your way. It is best to not try & pet her….she has a lot of Dingo in her & although she is friendly & likes people, much to everyone’s chagrin she does not enjoy being petted. She has been very good about having visitors at the farm though so we are hoping she will enjoy being pet as she matures more. She is doing well with her herding now & helps me daily with piggies, donkeys & sheep. Cows as needed.  She is still a work in progress though as she just likes to herd & isn’t too concerned where she may be herding animals to!! She still has PLENTY of energy & needs jobs to do to keep her occupied so I do my best to give her the life she needs helping here on the farm.

SHELDON, our barn/house cat is doing really well. She pretty much lives in the house now & goes out in the evenings to the barn, but if you see her down at the barn, say Hi & give her a friendly pat. She loves the attention!

PETUNIA & PENELOPE are 2 year old Pot Belly Pigs. They are both black but Petunia is smaller & has some white on her. They are so darn cute & friendly & they are letting everyone pet them! They have an outside pen as well as inside pen so if they aren’t in one place you can see them in the other. They love to be petted as well.

FLOSSIE COW is in the barn again this year. She is 6 years old now & doing very well. She is the most tolerant cow, standing quietly for pictures with babies up through grandparents! She loves to be petted & sometimes will even give ya a friendly lick!!

AMY, FANNIE & HENRY are the Miniature Sicilian Donkeys. They are so sweet & lovable! Henry is up towards 39 years old now so he is feeling his age a bit. The girls are just teenagers!

The OLDE ENGLISH SOUTHDOWN BABYDOLL SHEEP are doing very well. Clovis is my foundation ewe & is 11 years old this year. She is a little sore now & then, but is doing well. They did not enjoy the heatwave temperatures we have had this summer!

LIZZIE & LOUIE, the Pygmy goats, are still going strong. They are very much senior citizens! Louie is 10 years old now & Lizzie is 12! They seem happy & are looking forward to seeing all our visitors again this year!!

Well we have finally whiddled down our GUINEA PIG population to all females!! 9 to be exact at last count. They all get along well & survived their time in the “piggy pool” in the farmhouse this winter in a spare bedroom!!

We still have HANNAH BANANA, the big Flemish Giant bunny, MOPSY, the little Holland Lop bunny & new last year, ROGER RABBIT Rabbit the Satin breed bunny. They are very happy hopping around their pens & getting lots of attention!

Our flock of CHICKENS are busy pecking & clucking & laying eggs all day! They are getting older & we didn’t get any new chicks this last year. We have several different breeds so it is fun to see them all together doing their chicken thing!! They do like to molt this time of year so some are losing their feathers, but should have their new ones all in place for when colder weather hits.




Brubber Cat loves lots of attention!