Animal Update

Well, my 1 1/2 year old red Australian Cattle Dog, or red heeler as they are commonly called, named Matilda is still a handful, but she is doing really well!! If you see her when you visit just say Hi & be on your way. It is best to not try & pet her….she has a lot of Dingo in her & although she is friendly & likes people, much to everyone’s chagrin she does not enjoy being petted. She has been very good about having visitors at the farm though so we are hoping she will enjoy being pet as she matures more. She is doing well with her herding now & listens to me for instruction very well. She is still a work in progress though as she just likes to herd & isn’t too concerned where she may be herding animals to!! She still has LOADS of energy & needs jobs to do to keep her occupied so I do my best to give her the life she needs helping here on the farm.

We lost our kitty Walowitz early last winter when he was hit by a car. It was a very sad time for us all including for his sister Sheldon. She moved into our house for the winter & is now doing better & spends her time between the barn & the house. Sheldon is a short haired, very friendly kitty so if you see her in the barn please just be calm & pet her gently so she won’t be afraid. She turned a year old last February.

Petunia & Penelope joined the gang last summer & they are 1 year old Pot Belly Pigs. They are both black but Petunia is smaller & has some white on her. They are so darn cute & friendly & they are letting everyone pet them!

So we have GUINEA PIGS!! I’m not sure if they are officially a “farm animal”, but they sure are ADORABLE!!! Their squeaks & whistles take the other animals by surprise but the kitty & Tilda sure are interested in them! They are really loving their new big safe enclosure. We are TRYING to have just all females, but we have not been very lucky figuring out their sex till its too late so we had 4….yes 4 litters this spring!! I hope we are getting better at deciphering girls from boys!!

Flossie Cow is in the barn again this year. She is 5 years old now & doing very well. She is the most tolerant cow, standing quietly for pictures with babies up through grandparents! She loves to be petted & sometimes will even give ya a friendly lick!!


Brubber Cat loves lots of attention!