Celebrate 250 Years!

August 16th, 2011

We are so proud of the maze this year because we are helping to celebrate our town’s 250th birthday. Rutland Town was chartered back in 1761 & it is such a milestone to hit 250 years that we couldn’t resist having it as our theme. I am particularly happy with our new Scavenger Hunt game in the maze. It is a really different type of activity than we’ve ever had before & it really requires good map reading skills. It will be a fantastic adventure for the school groups & other field trip groups that visit this fall.  The only thing is, don’t look at it if you want to solve the maze without knowing the design cuz it does show the design of the maze.

I’d also like to really thank my husband for building such AWESOME new bridges for the maze this year. Anyone who knows him knows that building things is not his favorite activity! He is really good at it though when he takes on a project so they came out great! The 4-way bridge took some convincing for him to do (OK….he called it nagging……whatever), but it is really nice & gives such a new dynamic to the maze with all the options of directions to go.

We’ve been losing people right & left in the maze this year. Well, at least confusing them enough so that solving this maze is TRULY a challenge. I would say one of the most difficult, if not THE most difficult maze to solve I’ve done yet! I’m sure we’ll have people Lost…Laughin’…& LOVIN’ IT all season!

Emma’s Piglets

June 21st, 2009

Well, I did a few piggy checks through the night since Emma could have her piglets any time now. Today is day 112 of her pregnancy. Anytime after 110 days she could farrow. She is SOOOOOOOO big & it is obvious she finds it difficult to get into a comfortable position at this point. If you want to guess what day she’s gonna farrow & how many piglets you think she’ll have, go to www.hathawayfarm.com & send us an e-mail. We’ll let ya know when she has ’em & how many she had! Byron thinks Tuesday……. 8 piglets. What do YOU think???

What’s Happening Today

June 20th, 2009

Well, a typical day on the farm so far…….. Woke up to no hot water in the shower! An element burned out in our hot water heater & tripped the breaker. One more thing to do today! We had 2 new little calves born late last night, a heifer & a bull. Moms & babies are doing fine. The watch continues in ernest on Emma the pig & when she will farrow (have her babies). She could have them anytime now. Today is day 111. Making a new cover for our water reservoir today. We discovered a little chip in the one we have now & we want to be sure to keep our water supply clean & safe so wanted to get it done right away. The sheep got sheared the other day & I’m still getting use to seeing them shorn! When I figure out how to add pics & video to this blogging thing, I will!