Our All New 2015 Corn Maze is



Deanna LeBlanc for WCAX Channel 3 News

WCAX Channel 3 stopped by the farm and did a nice segment about our corn maze. Click on the image to watch the newscast.


We have Vermont’s premier family Corn Maze & this year it’s all about Under The Sea animals! Come find your way through 12 acres of corn & miles of paths & solve our “UNDER THE SEA MAZE!” Don’t worry, we have an Early Exit available so you can “escape” if you need to. As always there are some CLUES scattered throughout the maze, although we admit, they’re not always as helpful as you might like! Then of course we have our infamous 8 PUNCHES to find. Without question, this is the MOST DIFFICULT YEAR EVER to find the punches! If you are not familiar with these, all 8 hole punches are different shapes & you can try & find all of them & punch your card while solving the maze. If you do, you’ll be eligible for a raffle drawing at the end of the year.

NEW THIS YEAR we have SMARTPHONE GAMES for the MAZE! You’ll be able to access a site where you can choose from over 60 categories of trivia, find “digital” checkpoints (like our punches, but recorded on your phone) & the most cool feature….You can pull up the map of the maze right on your phone by utilizing the GPS function!! The “Choose a character” option lets you see exactly where you are lost in the maze!! You’ll still be Lost…Laughin’…& LOVIN’ IT, but you’ll be able to see just HOW LOST you are!!

There are 4 bridges you may encounter along your journey, one of them being a 4 way bridge. You may happen to visit this one more than once! Then there’s the Grassy Knoll, a little FIELD inside the maze where you can sit & relax in the Adirondack chairs & soak in the beautiful mountain views OR you can roll down the hill like all the kids do. Either way, this area is always a hit! We also have 2  Huge Tractor Tires somewhere in there which double as a great place to sit down & ponder your next move!

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On Saturday nights during Moonlight Madness in September & October, viewing the night sky is breathtaking from on top of a bridge in the middle of a Vermont corn field! Moonlight Madness is EVERY Saturday night in Sept & Oct when we stay open & allow admission until 9:00PM. Click here to learn more…



All New for This Year

We have added the SMARTPHONE GAMES in the Big Maze where you can choose from over 60 categories of trivia, collect the digital checkpoints & use the GPS map of the maze to see where you’ve been or where you are going. VERY COOL!! We also have JOHN DEERE PEDAL GO CARTS designed for ages 3-10. You can pedal them around the new track & burn off some energy while working on your driving skills. SOOOO MUCH FUN!!!!! The other new feature we have this year are the REDNECK SWINGS. We have a couple of horse swings & a Redneck Chair swing that are all made from recycled tires. Environmentally friendly, something you don’t see every day & VERY RELAXING!!


This is a much shorter adventure designed for toddlers & young folks to have fun exploring paths & finding their way through a smaller atmosphere than the big maze.  This year we have a Funny Finger Game that the kids are really enjoying along with a Story Walk where you can read the story as you go through the maze. Click here for more about our mini corn maze.

For clothing suggestions & tips for the maze, visit the Do’s & Don’ts page.


We have a few simple RULES for the Maze.

  • STAY ON THE PATHS. Although you may not realize it, cutting through the corn ruins the maze & we cannot repair corn. (WE don’t even cut through the corn……ever!)
  • NO SMOKING, No Alcohol, No pets
  • Do not pick, knock down, throw or “mess” with the corn
  • Children & adults need to stay together at all times
  • No running & please be respectful of others

We have a NO TOLERANCE policy that we stick to for everyone’s safety & enjoyment. If we feel your behavior on the Farm is unacceptable, we ask you to leave. We do not give warnings. We do not give refunds.