Hathaway’s Mini-Maze

gabbycowThis is a much shorter adventure designed for toddlers & young folks to have fun exploring paths & finding their way through a smaller challenge than the big maze.

We have a great Adventure for the Mini Maze. It’s called the Funny Finger Game! You will look for all 5 Finger Stations throughout the Maze. When you find one, you dip one of your fingers on your right hand into the hole at the station & see what color it comes out! Then when you have found all 5 you solve the maze, come out & match your color pattern on your hand to the chart. When you find the hand that matches yours it will give you a Funny task to do……for example, Cluck like a chicken!

Also in the Mini Maze we have a Story Walk where you can read the pages of a story as you go along through the maze. The page stakes are numbered so they are easy to follow. Try to find the  “mini bridge” along the way! (It’s a small garden bridge so there is no need to worry about the children falling off it) There is also a Giant Tractor Tire! The Mini Maze is not only enjoyed by the little folk, but especially well liked by some parents & grandparents who may not want the longer journey of the big maze!